Have you ever been in the situation of planning a travel clause but when it comes to rethinking, the team cost is very much higher? There are many reasons that can be mentioned as normal travel psychology, so it will be strong to pay for rooms, services or shopping, so if there are 7 tips to save money traveling later, most likely You will retain a large amount.

1. Plan a specific spending plan for a budget travel trip

The unscientific spending will greatly affect your trip finances, you will even need to resort to the remote sponsorship of your friends and relatives if you eat too much. So the first secret to saving money traveling you need to keep in mind is to plan spending before and during the trip. Planning in advance of a trip will help you anticipate the costs you’ll need, and keeping a daily shopping log will help you adjust your spending accordingly.

2. Reduce travel costs

There are many people who book tickets early in advance every month is also a cheap way to travel. Usually, the cost of traveling by plane and train makes up a large part of your travel plan, so if you want to minimize the cost of this item, you should plan to “hunt tickets” before the trip. 6 months to 1 year and note it in your savings travel handbook. To be sure to receive attractive discounts, offers, vouchers, please check or follow the website, fanpage of airlines, shipping lines.

Also, airlines often have preferential rates on weekdays or night flights so if possible, try adjusting your schedule offline.

3. Travel with savings by departing at night

As mentioned above, there are fewer people at night so the ticket price may drop a bit. Moreover, the night travel also has the advantage of not having to spend the extra cost of lodging, you can sleep well, go to the destination early in the morning and start the tour immediately. instant. A secret to save money traveling can’t be missed, right?

4. Bring some packaged food from home to save money for traveling

Sometimes when you come to a strange place, you may not be suitable for the local cuisine, so the foods brought from home such as shrimp noodles, instant noodles, bim noodles will work in this case and also How to travel cheap many young people apply. Moreover, the price of food or personal items at tourist destinations is often very expensive, so it is best to prepare and take it from home.

5. Travel savings when staying at a budget motel

Instead of going to luxury hotels, you can go to tourist accommodation places like motels, hostels or homestays at a much more affordable price. The experience for a budget trip is to choose the places to stay in the center, near the market and tourist attractions will be much more convenient. To book a hostel with good prices and quality, you can refer to booking sites such as Agoda, booking.com, etc.

6. Try haggling and enjoying street food

Often in tourist locations, prices are often challenged, especially if you are found to be a tourist. So according to the travel guide economical, do not be afraid to bargain to be affordable and commensurate with the item you want to buy. According to experience, you reduce about 30-50% compared to the price offered by the seller and adjust according to the agreement of the two sides.

Besides, the popular food, street food is where you can discover and enjoy the taste of native food, and it can save you a significant amount of cost. .

7. Rent a self-driving car or use public transport Public transport in big cities as well as developed countries like Singapore, England, Australia is very popular, and if you know how to travel by these means, you can save a considerable amount. again. In addition to public transport, you can also save money on travel by renting a self-driving car (motorbike, bicycle), helping you take the initiative in traveling to tourist destinations and visiting restaurants. delicious local.

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