Food is your passion? So why do you hesitate to take part in the food tours below.

1. Enjoy pizza, cheese, and cannoli in Sicily (Italy)

From sweet and sour vegetables to traditional cannoli, Sicily is full of delicious regional dishes, and you can enjoy them on a 7-day-night trip with Exodus Travels. Don’t forget to taste sfincione (a pizza-like dish) on your way to Palermo, then learn how the Arabic flavor has influenced Sicilian cuisine in Trapani’s cooking class.

Sip on wines at Marsala, enjoy Ragusa cheese and fresh produce in the Etna region. Don’t forget to visit some of Sicily’s most famous historical sites.

2. Visit local farms and enjoy chocolate meals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty, but a 7-day dining holiday with Access Culinary Trips will introduce you to this country’s cuisine. The tour includes visits to local farms – organic coffee planting and pineapple farm visits. You can take a cocktail making class, have dinner at a local family’s house and take part in a Costa Rica cooking workshop under Arenal Volcano.

You can even enjoy a chocolate lunch. In addition, go to the hot spring and explore the wildlife life here.

3. Food adventure in India

Indian color and chaos can cause sensory overload, and so you can enjoy the varied flavors of the dishes. Indulge in the 14-night culinary journey with Intrepid Travel, where you can taste everything from kulfi falooda (ice cream desserts) in Delhi and kachori (fried bread with lentils and vegetables) in Jaipur to food. streets in Mumbai and coconut curry in Goa.

You will also wander through bustling markets and visit the famous Taj Mahal.

4. Enjoy the taste of Morocco

Join The International Kitchen’s 10-day culinary tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Moroccan stew soup, participate in 4 unique cooking seminars, including visiting traditional Moroccan houses in Fes and the small village Berber. You will also wander through a narrow path and see shimmering ornamented mosques.

5. Typical food in Ecuador

Great Value Vacations 5-day tour helps visitors to enjoy the typical cuisine. You’ll be in Quito, visiting traditional markets and enjoying Ecuadorian chocolates. The trip also includes a visit to a local house, exploring Andean cuisine, and the Otavalo textile market.

6. Enjoy cuisine in the South of France

Join Classic Journeys tour, you will go to Avigon town, taste wine, cakes, take part in 4 cooking classes (including pastry classes) as well as go to the market, vineyards and dinner at Michelin-star restaurant . You’ll also explore Avignon’s Papillon Palace, the village of Auvers-sur-Oise – the last stop in Vincent Van Gogh’s life journey.

7. Eat, drink and walk in Napa and Sonoma

The Backroads culinary tour has a cooking workshop at Ramekins cooking school in Sonoma, a French baking class, a garden tour at Yountville’s famous French Laundry restaurant, and wine tasting.

8. Discover West African cuisine in Ghana

If you’re looking for a new flavor to try, take a street food tour with Landtours Ghana. The 9-day-long adventure includes many cooking workshops – a beach campsite – introducing you to the spices and ingredients of traditional West African cuisine. You’ll also enjoy Ghana’s sweets, visit a cocoa plantation and visit West Africa’s largest outdoor market. You will have the opportunity to go to craft villages.

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