Europe is often mentioned with the most beautiful words to describe the ancient and characteristic beauty here. The old continent is a place where four-dimensional tourists dream of setting foot and seeing hundred-year-old buildings; Or immerse yourself in the charming and diverse nature. In this article, will take you through 15 famous places not to be missed when traveling to Europe.

6. Cologne – Germany

Cologne is the most important trade and economic center of western Germany. Once a Roman stronghold, Cologne attracts visitors with its long-standing monuments and historical sites. The most outstanding architecture here is Cologne Cathedral. The interior of this building is particularly impressive. Once inside, look for the church’s treasure room.

The old town of Cologne also has many magnificent old houses. Here, you can also enjoy traditional German cuisine with beer, fried pork leg or sausage ….

7. Florence – Italy

Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance art movement. Prominent among the city is the Santa Maria del Fiore church with characteristic dome. Around this church is the Piazza Duomo, where there are many other attractions for you to explore.

Some other landscapes that suggested are the Uffizi Museum, the Vecchio Bridge, the Santa Croce church or Michelangelo square …

The culinary aspect of Florence is also very interesting with many street food. The highlight is the giant Florence steak, which is often re-made. Lampredotto is also a popular street food. If you love Italian pasta, De Viet thinks you should try Papardelle al Cinghiale

8. Santorini – Greece

Santorini is one of the most popular tourist islands in Greece. The main reason that attracts many couples to this destination is the romantic setting, the perfect cross between nature and people. You can clearly see this beauty in Oia village and Fira capital.

In addition, the island of Santorini also has many other interesting natural attractions. You can visit the red beach, the Profitis Ilias peak or the beaches in Perissa.

9. Monaco

Despite its small size, the Principality of Monaco is the most prosperous and prosperous country in Europe. Visitors here will be overwhelmed by the lavishness of every street, shopping and casino. A symbol of Monaco’s wealth is the Monte-Carlo district overlooking the harbor.

However, Monaco also has many historical attractions worth seeing such as Palais du Prince, Monaco church or Princess Rose’s rose garden.

If you love Formula 1 racing, don’t forget to visit F1 Monaco – one of the world’s most prestigious racetracks.

10. Budapest – Hungary

Budapest is considered the Paris of the east thanks to its magnificent beauty. Along the Danube river are many beautiful landscapes. These include the Hungarian parliament building, Fisherman fortress, Buda castle and especially Castle hill.

Castle Hill includes a complex of churches, buildings, streets from the Middle Ages, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a Heritage. Other places to visit are the St. Peter’s Church. Stephen, Gellert Hill, Hero Square or Margaret Island ….

Interesting elements of Hungarian cuisine are also evident in the capital Budapest. The most typical dishes you should try are Goulash stew, cabbage stuffed or Dobos Torta.

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