Europe is often mentioned with the most beautiful words to describe the ancient and characteristic beauty here. The old continent is a place where four-dimensional tourists dream of setting foot and seeing hundred-year-old buildings; Or immerse yourself in the charming and diverse nature. In this article, will take you through 15 famous places not to be missed when traveling to Europe.

11. Prague – Czech Republic

Golden City Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. The city’s more than 1,000-year history has left countless generations of priceless architectural and cultural heritage today.

The most important sights in the city that you are not allowed to miss is the Prague castle complex. In this castle district are many historical buildings such as St. Church. Vitus, the old Royal Palace, the Powder Tower or the Golden Road….

Charles Bridge is also an important symbol that anyone coming to Prague should visit. Prague Old Town with the world’s oldest (still in operation) Astronomical Clock attracts millions of visitors each year.

12. Provence – France

Provence region in southeastern France is famous for its purple lavender fields stretching full of romance. In June to mid-August every year, tourists from all over the world flock to the Provence region to get the best pictures.

Provence is also famous for its Côte d’Azur blue coastline, where visitors can visit the top tourist cities. Among them are Nice, Cannes, Duchy of Monaco ….

Provence cuisine features bouillabaisse fish and seafood. Do not forget to enjoy the specialties here with a glass of rosé.

13. London – England

London is famous as the capital of one of the most powerful empires in the history of the world. Across the city is full of landscapes that show the power of the Royal Family of England. These include the iconic Big Ben clock tower, Buckingham palace, London tower or St. Joseph’s church. Paul. If you love art, visit the 2 museums Tate and the National Museum.

Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus are also two famous sights in London because here, you can clearly feel the excitement mixed between the ancient features of the city.

Food in England and London is quite interesting with many strange dishes. De Viet recommends that you experience a standard English breakfast and enjoy the typical tea drinking style in this country. Deep fried breaded fish dish served with potatoes is also not a bad choice.

14. Lisbon – Portugal

The capital Lisbon is located on the hills along the Targus River and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The highlight of the trip to this city is undoubtedly Sao Jorge castle, Jeronimos monastery, Belem tower, Sé church and especially the Alfama area.

Coming to Lisbon, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy countless interesting specialties such as Bacalhau fish, Arroz de mariscos rice or Pasteis de Nata egg custard. Chicken Piri Piri is also a favorite of many Vietnamese tourists.

15. Lucerne – Switzerland

Lucern is a peaceful town located by Lake Lucerne and the Reuss River is a beautiful destination. The ancient and medieval character of the town is reflected in countless landscapes. Typically, the Kapellbrücke Bridge is nearly 700 years old; Lucerne old town or lion monument. Experience a yacht on Lake Lucerne to help you enjoy the fascinating natural beauty here.

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